Carter Mechanical Building Automation Services, Malvern, PA.

At Carter Mechanical, we strive to design an energy-efficient atmosphere of comfort, safety, and performance for our customers’ facilities.

Our Building Automation services include products such as supervisor software and tools, supervisory and network controllers, integration and gateways, programmable controllers, configurable field controllers, SMART equipment controllers, and network displays.  All these building automation services are designed to make our customers’ facilities not only simpler and user-friendly, but also energy-efficient.

Our customers are always looking for ways to increase operational and energy efficiency.  That is why we install top of the line building automation equipment.

The Importance of Building Automation Services

Building automation is no longer optional if you want to manage your buildings effectively and at the lowest possible costs. There are many reasons supporting this, including:
  • Greater operational control from a single, centralized data source (even via Wi-Fi if you choose)
  • Alarm monitoring to enable quick response to HVAC equipment problems onsite.
  • Real-time operational status and trending analysis of HVAC system performance.
  • Financial savings that can be reinvested in the business or adding additional system improvements that would contribute to your bottom line.
  • Safety status monitoring.
  • Capital reduction, energy usage, and on-going maintenance costs.

If you would like more information about our building automation solutions, please Contact Us today. We would love to show you how easy, effective, and affordable our building automation systems can be.



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