Carter Mechanical Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services, Malvern, PA.

At Carter Mechanical we don’t rely on two-dimensional drawings for your HVAC and plumbing designs.

We also use Building Information Modeling (BIM) software including AutoCAD, NavisWorks, Bin360 and Bin360Glue to create 3-dimensional designs based on actual data-driven information of any structure.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Saves You Money

With this technology, we streamline and improve the entire design and construction process which enables us to provide the client with a better project experience from start to finish.

Our team of highly-trained engineers have experience creating 3D structures using a wide array of software and can take 3D drawings and turn them into a detailed BIM model that includes data and parametric properties.

Using BIM software in conjunction with our experienced team of experts, is what leads to the collaboration resulting in the responsive, efficient, and successful completion of all our projects.

How Does Using BIM Software Benefit Our Clients?

BIM software makes envisioning a project easier while enabling changes that can be cost efficiently visualized through the software.  This avoids the cost associated with design interference errors discovered on the job site. It also allows us to take BIM models and tailor them to each client’s project while incorporating data and fabrication level detail.

Additional benefits include:

  • Reduces clash detection, omissions, and re-work errors such as re-keying information, or making changes to any given project model.
  • Improves productivity and reduces waste while keeping budgets in line.
  • Reduces conflict and changes during construction.
  • Creates confidence in budget and cost estimates.
  • Enables better visualization of the design and end product.

If you would like more information about our Building Information Modeling, please Contact Us today. We would love to show you how effective Building Information Modeling can be.

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